The value of a PLN

I cannot imagine not having a personal learning network of people to help me, give me ideas and answer my questions. Relying on workmates and in-servicing seems so limited to me now.

The two main ways I keep in touch are twitter and following blogs using google reader. I am trying to improve both these skills, by writing on other people’s blogs and by tweeting. I have also begun to write more on my own blogs. I’d like to start blogging with my class next year. I will be asking for help along the way.This video explains the value of a PLN.

I have met people in my network and it is always exciting to put a real face to a name. Everyone is so willing to help in any way they can. I would recommend developing a PLN to all teachers.
Here is a great post on creating a PLN on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. It is very useful and includes links to other websites.